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FAITH is not a tangible thing to own. It is not something you can see and hold. FAITH is something that you experience. It rests in the middle of your being. It fuels your souls and reflects in everything you do.
The ability to see something out of nothing is truly a rare gift - THE CREATIVE MIND ALWAYS FINDS SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY OUT OF THE ORDINARY 🎁
A JOURNEY is better when you are not alone, and the people beside you are more than happy to get lost with you… ❤ No need to worry, I know exactly where to begin!
I keep wishing at the stars even in daylight. Because I know that the stars never leave the sky and that the sun is just too bright to see them. - YOU DON’T HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE.
The thrill of the ride… it heightens the senses, loosens up the body, awakens the mind and strengthens the soul.
Dinner plate or work of art? 
That moment when you defy gravity and for a split second you feel that all the burden you carry get swept away by the RUSH…You scream with all your might, thinking that this moment should last forever …
'DUKIT' (Carve) - Catholic trade in Pampanga, Philippines
Afternoon delight
It was a long and rough journey to the top, but in the end the experience  is all worth it.